06 January 2021

Wrote an 'illicit' word, and then received a hefty fine because of it

'Negrito' translated from Spanish means 'black', and this is the most common word that you do not want to use on social media, well...if you are a professional player then you are doomed. From just these seven letters, a footballer might lose little money, but 100.000 pounds (110.531 euros) is a way too much.
Wanted to sound like a joke, however, the other side was taking this very seriously (not to say making a big offence). Exactly this amount was paid by Edinson Cavani, where the Manchester united striker wrote a few sentences to his friend and in between sneaked the above word. This expression certainly did not like the English football association when last Thursday pronounced the sum and also suspended the Uruguayan for three matches because of an 'unallowed racist speech'.


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