28 January 2021

Less exchanges of players between teams

At 18 January the world football organization has released numbers from 2020 as recapitulation of how clubs had been exchanging between each other.
On a global level, transfers between them last year has plunged to 4.7 billion euros comparing to 6.4 billion that was in 2019. The reason is much more obvious of why this happened, as in 2020 the decline was the lowest since 2016 where the sum back then was 4.3 billion euros. Also, 970 contracts were made less than 2019 as 18.047 were signed back then against 17.077 agreements which was done last year.
In 2020 the English teams has invested more with 1.325 billion, 595.7 million euros was the costs in Italy, while Spain is in third place. Chelsea is a number one spender for reinforcements, followed by Manchester united, Manchester city, Barcelona and Juventus.
Outside Europe, the biggest pay out country on deals was Brazil last year.


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