30 January 2021

Going to appeal at highest tribunal

For the Trippier case everything is now known: how he was humiliated by its own association for giving private information to his friends at 2019, so that they already profited 'good' money from his transfer in Spain. Paying financial fine and banned for playing at the club, Atletico Madrid decided to appeal about the second thing. With right they complained that the team had nothing to do with it, but the world football association last Monday has rejected all that by saying that this has a 'worldwide effect'. Because the club have lost the first part of the battle, the second one will be on even more stronger place than before, by announcing that will appeal to the Court of arbitration for sport.
As it stands, the English defender Kieran Trippier can return on the field at 01 March (if the 30-year-old is still picked by the coach after this scandal of course).


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