08 July 2024

Fighting for the title

Unfortunately, the remained two continental team championships slowly enters into the last week of playing.

Three more duels have remained to kick off on the European continent. In a not so entertaining (catastrophic) championship and very poor results one of the four teams below will be crowned as new champions next weekend. Each of the games are having an identical start.

Semi - finals
09 July, Tuesday at 21.00 CEt: Spain - France.

10 July, Wednesday at 21.00 CEt: Netherlands - England.

14 July, Sunday at 21.00 CEt: winners between the 2 semifinalists.

On the other part of the world Copa America has proven once again why it is a most successful competition than its predecessor. It is true that there are less teams at the event, but the quality of play, engagement, running, performance (and goals) are at a very high level (if not the best). Here the champion is still in contention of defending its title (with the same newcomer that has opened this event).

Semi - finals
10 July, Wednesday at 02.00 CEt:  Argentina - Canada.

11 July, Thursday at 02.00 CEt: Uruguay - Colombia.

Classification for place 3 - 4
14 July, Sunday at 02.00 CEt: losing teams from both semifinals.


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