01 July 2024

Revealed date when elimination groups will be formed

Next year the African Cup of nations will take place in Morocco which is going to be staged for the thirty fifth time. But to know who are the best 24 teams of the continent plenty of qualifying duels have to be played. And because of that the date is now familiar of when everything would be established.
On 12 June it was announced that the 48 teams would know their fate of who is going where at 04 July. The draw is going to take place at one of the Supersport channel studios in Johannesburg, South Africa. Everything would begin at 14.30 local time where 12 groups will appear with an equal amount of teams in them. All duels would finish in 2024 as 2 phases are going to be played in each month: at September, October and November.
However, what is more interesting and unusual are the dates of the final tournament. Organizers have revealed that this continental championship would be held from 21 December 2025 until 18 January 2026.


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