08 March 2017

In search of last two quarterfinalists for this week

Tonight we are searching for two teams that will go to the next stage. As results are saying from the first leg, three teams have a chance to be among last eight while the last will try to perform mission impossible in Spain.

- Barcelona - PSG. The following pair may be the most interesting one, but when mighty Barcelona is playing all eyes would be on this match. The real reason is not because of its famous name, but because the Catalans are trying to do something that no club has ever done before: giving four goals (or more) to another champion. That is why this game is the battle of true title holders in their countries: Spanish versus French. For the past week there are plenty of optimism from Camp Nou, of never giving up, everything can happen in 90 minutes which means that the hosts will attack with full force. On the other hand, Paris Saint Germain will try to slow them down, score at least a goal and are ready to spoil the party. Only highly concentrated players are needed for this game, because one mistake can cost dearly. Both teams happens to be in their high form, playing very well, full points should stay at home, but will it be enough for the next round?
- Borussia Dortmund - Benfica. Thrown in the shadows of its predecessor this match looks to be very open. This means that everyone can qualify, but, unfortunately only one can go through. In here also both teams can hope for a win and both are capable of scoring in home and away games. As real fighters, Germans are very known to go to the end. One goal deficit for Borussia Dortmund means nothing and can easily score more goals. However, when you are playing against a Portuguese champion nothing is for certain. Benfica will surely resist (a little) trying to score that one and precious away goal, but home fans will celebrate another victory.


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