02 March 2017

Intolerable behavior leads to punishment

March began as a nightmare for Croatian champions who have learned they have been sanctioned by UEFA from the very first day.
Last year, some 200 Dinamo Zagreb supporters arrived in Turin for the Champions league group match against Juventus on 07 December. Because they did not had tickets for the match, the group tried forcefully to enter the stadium which later they began to scuffle with security and police. To be worse than that, that 'little bunch' even fought with their own (Dinamo Zagreb) fans who had duly purchased tickets for the above mentioned game. Coming ticketless and 'disappointed' all the way to Italy those 'bad boys' light up three torches which the police answered them with water cannons.
As always responsibility for fighting on the stands and riots falls down on the club, so the European football organization has penalized the guests with 40.000 euros. However for lack of security and 'sleeping' host, Juventus were untouched.


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