23 March 2017

Round of revenge

With second part to start, the Asian zone is entering into sixth matchday. There are practically five rounds remaining until the end (with this one), and some teams are desperate to get back on the right track. This round also can be called a round of revenge because most host teams has lost its first 90 minutes from today's rivals. For most these are first matches of 2017.

- PR China - South Korea. From the terrible start of this qualifying campaign PR China is one of those teams who urgently need a victory. However wanting is one thing and achieving is another, because their opponents happens to be very tough. One of the contenders of first 2 places in group A, South Korea looks to seal today's match against the winless hosts. It will not be easy for them, because the host is ready to fight for 3 points, but at the end it will get only one.
- Iraq - Australia. Iraq's form was down lately, but the team started good this year with a friendly win. Still this is not proving anything and today has to be very cautious. Australia is also playing sloppy, so there is still a chance for the hosts to surprise them. As another loss could be catastrophic for Iraq, and concerning the play of the visitors, points may be shared.
- Syria - Uzbekistan. Although they are playing in Malaysia, Syria is posing lots of trouble for the Uzbekistan team. The 'home team' are tough, whenever they are playing and also capable of scoring goals. Uzbekistan know their position and as favorites, with new three points, they will only get closer to Russia.
- Thailand - Saudi Arabia. Thailand is another team who are desperately in search of a win. Their last game against Australia shows that is a serious side who never has to be written off. However that results happened last year and in 2017 this time the team hardly can do anything to Saudi Arabia, which are out to collect all points.
- United Arab Emirates - Japan. In the first 90 minutes United Arab Emirates shocked today's rivals at home and tonight Japan wants to retaliate for that loss. The hosts looks to be very confident on full points and with their whole prey will be much closer to the goal. Japan have other ideas and only a win can guarantee them to stay with the leading pack. It will not be easy for them to collect it, but they will succeed it at the end.
- Qatar - IR Iran. Whenever these two are playing there are very little goals among them. This only shows how Qatar and IR Iran are two strong teams. But the home side did not start 2017 well in friendlies, so it is (maybe) an opportunity for the leaders even to steal the win. Yet to receive a goal in group A, Iran is considered to take this game easily (than expected) with one goal difference.


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