29 June 2019

Pots determined for second qualifying shared events

The qualifying campaign for the World Cup 2022 and Asian Cup 2023 has begun this month. It is well known that one continent will stage the above two mentioned events, and the Asian headquarters in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on 17 July is going to perform the draw for the next qualifying stage.
From this Thursday all teams are now known for this phase. The world football organization finally 'came up with a solution' about the cancelled duel from the first qualifying stage. Decision on Macau for not travelling to Sri Lanka on their second leg cost them 10.000 Swiss francs (8.994 euros) and automatically losing the match 3:0. This means that the team is out from these qualifiers and that the island country from South Asia goes through to the next phase with 3:1 on aggregate score.
Last Monday five pots have been determined based on the latest rankings of the world football organization from 14 June which looks like this:

Pot 1: Islamic Republic of Iran, Japan, South Korea, Australia, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, People's Republic of China.

Pot 2: Iraq, Uzbekistan, Syria, Oman, Lebanon, Kyrgyzstan, Vietnam, Jordan.

Pot 3: Palestine, India, Bahrain, Thailand, Tajikistan, North Korea, Chinese Taipei, Philippines.

Pot 4: Turkmenistan, Myanmar, Hong Kong, Yemen, Afghanistan, Maldives, Kuwait, Malaysia.

Pot 5: Indonesia, Singapore, Nepal, Cambodia, Bangladesh, Mongolia, Guam, Sri Lanka.


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