14 June 2019

Working in FIFA is never boring

Being employed at the world football organization lately has become very very interesting (not to mention fun), but working there is never boring, as (almost) everyday we are hearing some corrupt cases inside the company.
The vice-chairman of FIFA, and also at the same time the president of the African confederation, Ahmad Ahmad was arrested last Thursday by the French police due to charges of corruption, abuse of power in office, and even sexual harassment. Allegations for corruption and financial malversation was brought up by former general-secretary of the CAF region Amr Fahmy, who was later released. The accusations were: bribing presidents of some African federations, payment of a French company of mediating in buying sports equipment, and also giving money from the confederation and establishing companies to Egypt and Madagascar through which several cars were purchased. Of course, the official from Madagascar denied everything, thus the 59-year-old was freed 24 hours later without any charge.


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