03 June 2019

Qualifiers that begin and finals which end on the same continent

We all know that for the first time one Arab country is going to host the most watchable World Cup event in 2022. However, two and a half years earlier again the Asian continent is going to be the one who will start the path towards this competition.
Next week the first preliminary round is commencing with the first 90 minutes. The 12 lowest teams in the confederation (places from 35 to 46 on a list from world rankings from April) will participate in the opening round, who in a space of five / four days are going to meet each other twice. Matches are going to be divided over two days.
Also, the first five duels are introduction of qualifiers for the Asian Cup event in 2023. Out of these pairs only Malaysia is already a secured traveler in the second qualifying round because Timor-Leste is excluded from the tournament.

06 June, Thursday at 11.00 CET: Mongolia - Brunei Darussalam.
06 June, Thursday at 13.30 CET: Cambodia - Pakistan.
06 June, Thursday at 13.30 CET: Laos - Bangladesh.
06 June, Thursday at 13.30 CET: Macau - Sri Lanka.
06 June, Thursday at 14.00 CET: Bhutan - Guam.

07 June, Friday at 14.45 CET: Malaysia - Timor-Leste.


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