18 July 2020

Association got severely punished by its local agency

Last Monday night the Colombian business regulation agency issued a hefty penalty towards its local football association of 4.3 million dollars (3.8 million euros) plus punished two of its presidents: 83.000 dollars (73.761 euros) had to pay the current Ramon Jesurun, together with the former one Luis Bedoya Giraldo with 72.000 dollars (63.985 euros). Some officials from the partner company of the affiliation 'Ticket ya' were also fined, and all of them conspired in a scheme of raising the original qualifying ticket prices for the World Cup 2018 of even up to 350 percent. The criminal investigation took place for two years, and it is estimated more than 40.000 entry papers were re-selled for the home duels against Brazil and Uruguay.


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