25 July 2020

Nations that wants to organize tournament under the same name

Each confederation is determined to finish their international club tournaments no matter what. In order this season not go to waste (due to the virus), plus to minimize the risk, most of them have announced that the finals will be carried out in one country, so in the following lines here are going to be mentioned only two.
After Cameroon has renounced the hospitality for the 'final 4' Champions league competition in the African region, couple of nations have shown interest to close down this season: Egypt (who is in a delicate position of awarding the rights since two clubs are still competing at the event - Zamalek and Al Ahly) and Tunisia (which is now in a favorable position). Both these countries have support from their governments to host the best four teams of the continent on its soil. The decision has to be made fast, because for September are scheduled the final duels.
Going over to Asia, where the same event is in the group stage. Because it is a very vast continent, the Champions league is divided into two zones: East and West. For the western part the host has already been decided: last Thursday it was revealed that Qatar is going to stage the matches from 13 September until 03 October. However, choosing one nation for the eastern part is (still) a little bit tricky, because the epidemic is, sadly, on acceleration. That country who wants to host it had time as far as today (24 July) to submit documents for the bid.


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