06 July 2020

Group gatherings are still dangerous

When on 30 June the Danish government has allowed of up to 500 people to enter stadia, no one predicted that this measure could cause up trouble in the Cup final played at the neutral place between Aalborg and Sonderjyske just 24 hours later.
The game was delayed for 14 minutes in the first half when a group of 'home' spectators refused to sit one meter apart, and like that of course broke the social distancing rule. Police and officials in the pitch had to intervene, where at the end they were kicked out from the venue in Esbjerg who with a bus were send back in Aalborg, while some arrests were also made.
On the same date the above thing happened at the Bulgarian Cup final where CSKA Sofia was entertained by Lokomotiv Plovdiv. At the Balkan state, free face masks were delivered at the entrance where only few people decided to protect themselves, while thousands of fans declined to keep apart from one another.


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