30 July 2020

One player who changed everything

Many European countries have obliged to finish this season until 03 August (date when the football confederation set the deadline) for the local championships, but in some cases that is going beyond their control. Due to the epidemic time, most of them are stranded in the middle of nowhere, and thus its impossible to end it on time as, unfortunately, the virus has not giving up yet in some countries.
Six days ago it was announced that one player of Opava was tested positive, so this raised an alarm of how to continue and complete the Czech league. As the whole club had to go to a 14 days quarantine measures and with no seeing any other option, the leaders decided to completely suspend Fortuna liga (league) with just three rounds remaining. There will be no relegated clubs into second division, while Slavia Prague were revealed as title winners. Furthermore, instead of 16, the championship are going to count 18 clubs next year.


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