23 July 2020

Schedule revealed for most watchable event on earth

We (football lovers) at the end of 2022 are going to enjoy non-stop football (at some point). That will be the year when the first World Cup will be staged on winter season, and also it is going to be the first time that Arab country will host it. Qualifying games are (little) bit behind schedule, but we have to believe that in two years from now Qatar is going to produce one of the greatest spectacle, and that will be no more delays.
Last Wednesday (15 July) it was unveiled that the real treat begins out of 21 and will last as far as 28 November, where in the first two rounds we are going to enjoy marathon of four duels at 24 hours cycle (two each in the afternoon and evening), that will commence at 13.00, 16.00, 19.00 and 22.00. As every tournament has to come to an end, sadly from the third round (group games are going to be simultaneous) and up until the last duel (29 November - 18 December) kick-offs are going to be halved to two: 18.00 and 22.00. Knowing the full layout, those fans who decides to attend matches live in the country will have the unique opportunity to watch two or more, because stadia are closer to one another, which until now was unimaginable for that to happen. Everything is going to start at Al Bayt (which is in a shape of a tent), while the close down will be at Lusail arena. But before all of the above can actually occur, the draw for the edition number 22 is expected to be performed in April, just seven months prior to the big start. All times written here are local ones.
Review of the whole schedule can be downloaded on the websites of the Asian and world football organization.


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