04 July 2020

Hope really dies last

After the French Supreme administrative court made an official ruling on 09 June that the top local championship have to be increased to 22 clubs next season, that door was shut by the football leaders itself. From 20, this increase meant that Amiens and Toulouse can retain their status in the first league, so that both clubs could still be happy not to be relegated one ladder lower. Because in every story there is a word 'but' who pops up from somewhere, these three letters (as it is the right time) are occurring now.
Total refusal about the court decision to change the format of play for the next season was announced by the officials from Ligue 1 ten days ago, who with 74.49 percent of the votes at the General assembly was against this idea for the expansion, that undermined all chances for the above clubs to return to the top championship. Simply saying, this was an absolute right decision where the league leaders can not alter the already determined playing structure of 2020-21 season just for these two.


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