05 July 2021

Adieu of two tournaments and a welcome for one

Actually on the first full week of this month there are going to be four football events, out of which one (who is connected) is already treated as qualifiers for the last continental championship in 2021.

The schedule says that Copa America is commencing first in its last seven nights of the competition. Four duels have to be played until the end where: the first two pairs are familiar, but the last two are not.

06 July, Tuesday at 01.00 CET: Brazil - Peru.

07 July, Wednesday at 03.00 CET: Argentina - Colombia.

Classification order for third / fourth place:
10 July, Saturday at 02.00 CET: losing teams from both semifinal pairs.

11 July, Sunday at 02.00 CET: winners from the semifinal duels.

In the European continent is the same game scenario for its championship with one (small) difference: three matches have to be staged, thus the third play-off spot here is omitted. These trio of duels are going to have an identical kick-off.

06 July, Tuesday at 21.00 CET: Italy - Spain.

07 July, Wednesday at 21.00 CET: England - Denmark.

Last match:
11 July, Sunday at 21.00 CET: victory teams from the above two games.

The following two (which basically counts as one) is for the same event. First goes the three qualifying games for the Gold Cup, and then the major tournament itself who will appear for the sixteenth time. Whole month belongs to the tournament, so this fiesta will keep us company as far as 01 August. Nine cities and 10 stadia are going to be used throughout United States of America.
Out of the 13 teams which are already in the main competition, two are a complete debutants: first is the invited guests Qatar who are also the Asian continental champions together with Suriname. But in total we need 16 teams, thus the next trio is going to be known by elimination matches where six countries will battle with every strength on 90 minutes only just to participate on the major tournament.

Qualifying games:
06 July, Tuesday at 22.30 CET: Trinidad and Tobago - French Guiana.

07 July, Wednesday at 01.00 CET: Haiti - Bermuda.
07 July, Wednesday at 03.30 CET: Guatemala - Guadeloupe.

Gold Cup:
10 July, Saturday at 23.00 CET: El Salvador - Curacao.


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