31 July 2021

Found hosts for two club tournaments

Unfortunately, the Asian continent is still battling with the rising infectees of the epidemic, so it is impossible for clubs to play their international matches at home. Because of this unpleasant situation, for second consecutive year the organization have designated cities who are going to pretend as hosts and like that are trying to salvage this season of not go into vain.
On 19 July it was revealed that all matches from (and concerning) group D of the AFC Cup will be played in Maldives. Therefore, one play-off pair from the South Asian part (zone) together with the three duels of the mentioned group now know when everything will start with its plays in this island country: 15 (play-off), plus 18, 21 and 24 August (group games).
Jeonju was announced today as a host for the clubs who are going to compete in quarter and semi finals within the East region of the Champions league. Single games at the South Korean city are going to commence on 17 (for the second knockout round) and 20 October (for the third). Which town will welcome teams of the West region in the elimination round, officially is going to be revealed later.


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