01 August 2021

Modifying plan

We know by now which country will host the next Asian Cup (at 2023), while its successor had to be known this year. Here the word 'had' meant that the decision was expected to arrive in the AFC congress on 27 November, however last Wednesday it was revealed that is shifted to a later date, and the reason behind the postponement is very much obvious of why this happened.
India, Islamic Republic of Iran, Qatar or Saudi Arabia are trying to bring the best 24 teams of the confederation on their soil for the 2027 event and was hoping to hear the winning news in three months time. But because of travel restrictions within the continent caused by the epidemic, unable to inspect infrastructures / stadia and the rising number of infectees among the population, it is definitely much better to be safe than announcing this kind of information nowadays (although everything now is done remotely). Hence these four candidate nations will now have to wait (somewhere in) 2022 just to see which one has won the rights.


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