24 August 2021

Club that is no longer among us

The following club was established 1929 (exact date is not known) and stopped its existence on 21 August 2021. On the 92 years-old traditional history, Chievo had variations of up and downs and was playing in each four divisions of its country, but the best success was from 2001-02 until 2018-19 season where for full 16 years this team was competing in Serie A (except 2007-08 when they were in Serie B). However, one of the greatest accomplishments were in 2002-03 together with 2006-07 when the collective appeared at the international club competition scene (participating in qualifying matches).
After being relegated to second division due to bankruptcy this July, the club desperately needed to find sponsors and solved all financial difficulties just to register for the new football season and because of it they were thrown back to where it all started (Serie D). Because of the 24 August deadline approached fast and an unsuccessful attempt to attract new investment last Saturday it was announced that the Italian club from Verona was officially extinguished.


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