30 August 2021

Eight instead of six

North, Central America and the Caribbean is the second and last region who is starting with the final round. The old format with six teams was abandoned and for the first time (from these World Cup eliminations and onwards) two more are added, which means eight teams are in the single group, that desperately wants to occupy the first 3 positions in March 2022 (who goes directly to the big event) while the fourth will have to torture themselves a little bit more just to get there.

03 September, Friday at 02.05 CET: Canada - Honduras.
03 September, Friday at 03.05 CET: Panama - Costa Rica.
03 September, Friday at 04.00 CET: Mexico - Jamaica.
03 September, Friday at 04.05 CET: El Salvador - United States of America.

05 September, Sunday at 00.00 CET: Jamaica - Panama.
05 September, Sunday at 01.00 CET: Costa Rica - Mexico.
05 September, Sunday at 01.00 CET: El Salvador - Honduras.


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