29 August 2021

Punished for refusing to play

Everyone knows the story of how game number 147 from the TotalEnergies African Cup of Nations qualifiers have ended. Out of the third try finally, Sierra leone and Benin have completed the saga in the middle of June at neutral venue. In order not to be repetitive, the reason behind the postponement was of course the epidemic situation.
For this case / duel the two above mentioned teams have been accused each other and even appealed at Court of Arbitration for sport. Benin went a little bit further on the matter when even asked compensation from their rivals, however the tribunal said that it is up to the confederation of what will do next. And the decision was given on 22 August: the wanted recompense is fully dismissed and their opponents (Sierra leone) is penalized with 5.000 dollars (4.274 euros) for failure to honour sportsmanship on that game.


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