15 August 2021

Video reviewing screens as an enormous help

September is approaching (fast) and do not be surprised if the little monitors from above is going to interrupt the qualifying matches just to detect any irregularities on the terrain in one confederation. Yes... from last Thursday it is officially confirmed that on the old continent a reviewing system will finally make its debut appearance, which was approved from July this year.
There are three more months of World Cup elimination games left to be played in 2021, and commencing from the next one (or matchnight four) throughout stadia in Europe the video assistant referees will be of a big help to actual 'men in blue / yellow' on the pitch.
As it stands, after Asia (at a decision from June), it is the second confederation that will promote clean qualifying duels using its little television screens from this fall.
However, on the other side of the globe, four days ago it was announced that the North, Central American and the Caribbean region is not going to use this model for the games of the same elimination competition whose in that part starts from 02 September.


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