03 August 2021

Retrospective of a just finished event

It looks like that on both American continents were destined that this year new champions was going to be crowned, where the newest ones have beaten the old in the last games of their championships. Now that everything is over, it is time to see the statistics of the last team event played on 2021 which kept us company throughout whole of July (without the preliminaries).
At the thrilling Gold Cup tournament that finished yesterday night, an incredible 88 goals were scored in total or 2.84 per game. But if this number is increased by 1 (which was scored at the extra time), then the mathematics says that each match ended with 2.87 targets. Out of those, goalkeepers have received 40 of them in the first half, however in the second 90 minutes players were in the mood to shake the nets even 48 times. Seven goals were given in stoppage time, and two teams have scored two targets in these referees additional minutes: El Salvador (both in second half) and Mexico (each goals in first and second part of the duel). Footballers have rolled the ball into their own nets on two occasions. Eight penalties were awarded, while three teams were 'privileged' to shot twice from 11 metres: Canada who had two of them in a same game together with Qatar and Panama (on separate matches). Couple of players from Mexico and Qatar did not convert two punishments because their weak shots were saved, and one footballer from Qatar humiliated himself by missing the whole goal from the penalty spot.
The men in blue / yellow was in the 'mood' to show direct red cards on 7 players. Martinique is the only side here where two men were really rough with their fouls and deservedly saw direct reds. Yellow cards were given at each duel, but (to a great surprise) referees never gave twice to same man.
And at the end a (short, international) story about one special achievement. We were seeing many records almost at every match. Countries who have participated for the first time at the tournament have registered their first victories, but one other individual accomplishment concerning a footballer that any cannot break in the near future (either short or long term): from 13 July (round 1) Almoez Ali Zainalabedeen Mohamed Abdulla has entered into the history books by scoring in three different continental championships. The excellent striker from the invited nation gave 14 goals at a space of two years: for the Asian Cup 2019 he entered the ball into the nets a record 9 times, 1 in Copa America 2019, and 4 gave at Gold Cup 2021, where deservedly received the Golden boot reward of the event.


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