13 July 2021

Digits from the oldest international team competition

The Copa America 2020 (2021) number 47 is behind us, new champions were crowned and all the writing now is focused on the statistics or looking back of what was done this past month at the exciting closed door competition (except the last match).
Targets, unfortunate ones and scoring after regular time. In the first half 29 goals was scored, who together with 36 in continuation (second 90 minutes), are giving us a total number of 65 or 2.32 per game. Most common result was minimal 1:0 or 0:1, where 8 times has appeared on the event.
Three players have rolled the ball into their own nets in favour for their opponents. Uruguay has received 2 gifts helped by Chile and Bolivia.
Goals that were scored in stoppage time is 5: one was given after the official 45 minutes were over, while the ball rolled 4 times after the regular second half where Brazil here was the only country to have scored twice (both happened after the second 45 minutes).
Bad boys and fates of various punishments. Footballers were in the 'mood' to receive two yellow cards four times. In a game between Peru and Paraguay (from the first elimination round, and the most exciting with highest overall score at the tournament) both teams finished with 10 men on the pitch. Direct red cards have received 3 footballers where 2 were not careful enough and had to leave early (after the official 90 minutes were completed or at stoppage time).
Seven penalties were awarded on 28 duels and 6 got converted by various teams. The last one (on match 3) was perfectly saved by the Chilean goalkeeper an 11 metre shot. No punishments were missed.


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