12 July 2021

Whole second and part of third round

The Gold Cup tournament is slowly entering its first full week with (this time) a slight change of name on one of its competitors. Eight more teams will have to introduce themselves to the public for the first time, so for the following seven nights we will witness the entire second stage, and on the weekend only one part of duels in the third phase are going to commence. From earlier it is well known that one country was replaced by another (due to health reasons), thus (if there are no more further surprises) the refreshed layout will have to look like this:

13 July, Tuesday at 00.30 CET: Jamaica - Suriname.
13 July, Tuesday at 03.00 CET: Costa Rica - Guadeloupe.

14 July, Wednesday at 01.00 CET: Qatar - Panama.
14 July, Wednesday at 03.00 CET: Honduras - Grenada.

15 July, Thursday at 01.30 CET: Trinidad and Tobago - El Salvador.
15 July, Thursday at 03.30 CET: Guatemala - Mexico.

16 July, Friday at 01.30 CET: Haiti - Canada.
16 July, Friday at 03.30 CET: Martinique - United States of America.

17 July, Saturday at 00.30 CET: Guadeloupe - Jamaica.
17 July, Saturday at 02.30 CET: Suriname - Costa Rica.

18 July, Sunday at 01.30 CET: Grenada - Qatar.
18 July, Sunday at 03.30 CET: Panama - Honduras.
18 July, Sunday at 23.00 CET: Martinique - Haiti.
18 July, Sunday at 23.00 CET: United States of America - Canada.


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