02 July 2021

New month began with final list

With the start of the new month came the complete list who the 25 coaches had an obligation to reveal 23 footballers which for the whole July are going to participate in two competitions: elimination games for the Gold Cup, and then following by the main event itself.
First on 02, 03 and 06 of the month there will be single leg duels, who those will pose as qualifiers. In here are 12 qualified teams where 276 participants are registered.
Out of this number, only 3 teams will go through to the major event - the Gold Cup which commences from 10 July and last until 01 August. Thirteen are already in the tournament where the above trio have to join in, which means we will see 368 footballers (unfortunately not all of them).
You can read or even download each of the names at the confederation of the North, Central America and Caribbean website.


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