12 September 2021

Couple of stories from a finished elimination event

From last week on five confederations were played plenty of qualifying games for the World Cup tournament next year, and within those dates happened two news: one good, while the other was bad.
Beginning with the historic achievement of Lionel Messi who helped Argentina to record three new points against Bolivia yesterday night. Giving three targets in this game, the 34-year-old magician became the best goal scorer on the South American continent with 79, surpassing the even greatest Edson Arantes do Nascimento (better known as Pele) from Brazil who in his time 77 times rolled the ball behind goalkeepers. However, the world record holds Cristiano Ronaldo from Portugal which gave 111 goals. As the upper numbers are presented at total in international plays, with 26 targets the Argentinian striker is also the leader for the elimination matches from World Cups. In second place is the Uruguayan Luis Suarez who achieved 25 times to get the ball behind the goal-line.
Literally at the start of these qualifiers Ruslan Valiullin saved his team from loosing against Ukraine at stoppage time. The story behind here is that the Kazakhstan midfielder was played positive on forbidden drugs. Controversial duel was at the Conference league between Zilina and Tobol played on 12 August, where the visiting midfielder had a positive sample. At the association these results came on 02 September or just 24 hours after the World Cup elimination game. Under the rules of the European football association, one case is not enough for Kazakhstan to forfeit the match with 0:3.


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