14 September 2021

Shouts of joy from both ways

In the next three consecutive nights throughout the European continent plenty of matches will be taking place concerning the international club competitions, and commencing from group stages spectators from both teams can be present at the arenas.
From January 2020 (when the epidemic first circulated onto the region) all stadia months later literally looked like ghosts. Because no one was punished, football had to restart somehow from scratch, so clubs have been adapting (like it or not) of playing in front of empty arenas. Then slowly (step by step) came the introduction of the home fans and all games ahead had a special meaning of why this sport was invented. However, full cause of why this will be enjoyable to watch is that (finally) the visiting fans are going to be reunited with their opposing rivals (spectators) who are allowed to enter stadia, and whose decision was granted from the European football organization of last Monday.


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