06 September 2021

Region that is playing qualifiers for two official tournaments

Qualifiers are being played on all five regions throughout the globe, but next week the Asian continent will be the only one who are going to have qualifiers for two various competitions.

World Cup elimination phase for 2022 is going to resume with its second matches from the third round. One identical kick-off time appears.

07 September, Tuesday at 13.00 CET: South Korea - Lebanon.
07 September, Tuesday at 14.00 CET: Vietnam - Australia.
07 September, Tuesday at 17.00 CET: People's Republic of China - Japan.
07 September, Tuesday at 18.00 CET: Oman - Saudi Arabia.
07 September, Tuesday at 18.00 CET: Syria - United Arab Emirates.
07 September, Tuesday at 20.00 CET: Iraq - Islamic Republic of Iran.

Until June these were joint (with the upper event), but from now the Asian Cup qualifiers for 2023 are going to be independent. Four teams have been left to compete at the play-off stage leg one, where unfortunately only half of them will be introduced to the public. Because of the well known epidemic situation the last two are going to play its both games next month.

07 September, Tuesday at 15.00 CET: Indonesia - Chinese Taipei.


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