11 September 2021

Problems with last tournament of 2021

At the end of each year we know that the winners of the six confederations (from the Champions league) are sending their clubs (to warmer parts of the globe) only for spectators to find out on which continent is playing the best football. Because of the ongoing epidemic situation the Club World Cup from 2020 was moved to 2021, thus there is a chance that the competition will be held onto December (like it used to be), or even again be shifted at 2022 (which is unfavorable time to play due to other events staging from this sport).
However, which country is going to host the final club tournament is difficult to say because Japan officially (according to local media at 08 September) has withdraw to welcome the sextet on its soil, so the world football organization has only confirmed this news yesterday. For this year the country has hoped to organize the event who is also having one special meaning: Japanese football association is celebrates 100 years of its existence. They were born (formed) in 1921, and one centennial (well 98 years to be exact) later one disease came which (still) causes an absolute mess in the world.
Commencing of the last competition of 2021 has formally three months left to start so by now is known that the clubs will travel to a new and unknown destination.


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