23 September 2021

Great money loss

Up to 30 June the financial net loss for this year at Juventus was 209.9 million euros. Because the 2020-21 season was played completely on empty stadia (not having an income flow from selling tickets, television broadcasts, transfers...), this sharp decline has reached a record high at the club. With this black scenario, six days ago the Italian team has also announced a "significant loss" is expected for the current season (2021-22), but some economic hope of improvement may come in 2022-23 (next football year). From 414.1 the operating costs went up to 449.3 million euros, while the debt has also increased (compared to last year): out of 385.2 million now is 389.2 million euros. Overall revenue has fall down to 19 percent up until the mentioned date from the beginning of the text.
The reason is more than obvious of why this happened. But blaming it mostly on the epidemic issue, the club also wanted to earn / boost its financial status on the abandoned, closed and stubborn idea whose everyone was against it saying that "it is not certain to predict with certainty the outcome and future development of the Super league project, of the legitimacy of which Juventus remains confident".


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