19 September 2021

Need to pay hefty damage

Once again it is proved that mistreating women is a crime that does not pay and can go to prison. For the second part, Jerome Boateng still will have to wait whether he will go to jail or not, but as the paying is concerned, it is already decided and has been ordered to give 1.8 million euros to his girlfriend.
Sherin Senler has accused the 33-year-old footballer of domestic violence, the verdict was deliberate body harm together with verbal abuse and the result that 10 days ago the Munich District court gave away is the highest penalty so far. The defender has denied all allegations, however he admitted there was a quarrel between them (during a game of cards) where that incident happened on the Caribbean vacation in July 2018, who now the player have appealed the sentence.
Under the law, the above behavior is punishable of up to five years behind bars.


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