24 September 2021

Different sectors have entered as partners

With the beginning of this month five new partners can advertise within games that the Asian football organization are staging.
On 01 September, the coffee brand PhinDeli became sponsors for the first time who is coming from Vietnam. The debut entrants have signed a deal for 2021 and 2022 or until the end of the World Cup qualifying matches.
Just 24 hours later Credit saison have joined as fellow associates. For four years (2021-24) this financial service company will promote its products throughout stadia within the region. At the same date, the first ever specialized television sport channel from Oman signed with the confederation, just in time to broadcast elimination duels for the World Cup. The deal that Oman sport have the rights to show these games are until the finish of the qualifying event.
If anyone is on board the ship or an airline that offer Sport 24, then it will be real pleasure to watch duels while travelling. Except domestic rights for Australia, Japan and People's Republic of China passengers (who are outside these three countries) will not miss any football moments from 2021-24 period of club and team tournaments.
And three days ago viewers in Macau are going to watch top competitions thanks to M plus sports media company limited. The local online streaming broadcaster will show the best from team and club competitions on its territory from 2022 until 2024.


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