04 October 2021

An only region with a different elimination games

Asia is the only continent where this month 16 teams are going to fight entering into two official fronts (competitions).

The World Cup 2022 qualifiers at this region resumes with its third round. Because some countries still have problems with the epidemic, thus three of them are forced to be host elsewhere.

07 October, Thursday at 13.00 CET: South Korea - Syria.
07 October, Thursday at 16.30 CET: Iraq - Lebanon (playing in Doha, Qatar).
07 October, Thursday at 18.45 CET: United Arab Emirates - Islamic Republic of Iran.
07 October, Thursday at 19.00 CET: People's Republic of China - Vietnam (playing at Sharjah, United Arab Emirates).
07 October, Thursday at 19.00 CET: Saudi Arabia - Japan.
07 October, Thursday at 20.30 CET: Australia - Oman (playing in Doha, Qatar).

Because September was unsuccessful for start, in this month all for duels have to be played from the play off round of the Asian Cup 2023. Since separating games from the upper competition, the following two duels are actually the first of this tournament, who will kick off with the first 90 minutes, and all four are going to be staged on neutral terrain.

07 October, Thursday at 14.00 CET: Indonesia - Chinese Taipei (playing at Buriram, Thailand).

09 October, Saturday at 19.30 CET: Guam - Cambodia (playing in Manama, Bahrain).


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