23 October 2021

Everything will finish at six cities

The Asian Cup 2023 elimination duels has reached the final (third) round where the draw for this phase will happen in February 2022. Six groups of four are going to be formed then, however all 24 teams would not play at their homes.
Because the epidemic situation still causes plenty of problems throughout the continent, on 20 October the confederation has announced that once again (like the international club tournaments) all is going to be decided at one place in seven nights. Saying this, travelling among places are reduced to minimum and quarantine measures (that every country has for entering) are avoided therefore the simplest solution was found. For each group one town will be appointed (which are going to be revealed later), while dates for play are 08, 11 and 14 June 2022.
Yesterday the logo of the final competition was discovered which are going to be from 16 June until 16 July 2023.


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