16 October 2021

Just one idea is out of the question

The very complexed European championship in 2020 (2021) is over, and its organization do not want to repeat that same stupidity (mistake) again. Lots of travelling for the spectators back and forth within the continent, problems with logistics, tired players have prompted the leading people to think about that idea.
As a result of this, one 'basic rule' have been made when at 12 October the bidding process was opened for the 2028 edition. Because transportation from place to place throughout the whole region is definitely off, the only thing that stands is that nations have to be geographically compatible between each other, if more than two bidders are submitting their proposal, however, if that solution is chosen there will be no guaranteed qualification spot for the future hosts. Requirements are that 10 stadia has to be available, one arena need to have at least 60.000 and two with 50.000 seats. On 05 April 2022 all candidate countries are going to be revealed.
So far five nations have been officially been confirmed: the Balkan quartet (Romania, Serbia, Bulgaria, Greece) together with Turkey (as alone interested party). Final decision of this saga is going to be announced in September 2023.


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