04 October 2021

Season two to be decided

After all duels in the four leagues are over, now comes the second and final part: the conclusion. Four more matches are ahead just to find out which country will succeed Portugal and be the second champion from the European version of Nations league.
Winners of the A groups will gather on the Apennine Peninsula, who are going to be in action at two stadia. The first 2 matches are familiar, but the last two are still a mystery and that is going to be solved next weekend.

Semi finals:
06 October, Wednesday at 20.45 CET: Italy - Spain.

07 October, Thursday at 20.45 CET: Belgium - France.

Classification duel for third - fourth place:
10 October, Sunday at 15.00 CET: losing teams from both semifinals.

10 October, Sunday at 20.45 CET: winners of the two semifinal games.


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