25 October 2021

Contra appeal has won certain amount

In one of the places at Milan directors, on the third month of last year Zvonimir Boban was immediately fired because of an interview given at one Italian newspaper (La Gazzetta dello sport). From that point on this began to develop in the way of 'I will sue you - you will sue me back' saga for the (un)justified dismissal. Nineteen months has passed after that incident which finally received an epilogue.
Firstly the club has lost in court and had to deliver 5.375 million euros on his account. Since they (the team) were not satisfied with the original decision, have lodged an appeal, and on 13 October was issued the result. The tribunal has (partly) overturned the settlement into their favour, with the earnings that the ex-president should have had from March 2020 until November 2022 or (speaking with numbers) the collective is now rich for 1.2 million euros.


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