15 September 2023

Incidents from the just finished qualifiers

In the just finished elimination games for the European championship 2024 in a space of five nights has happened 3 incidents.
With shouting and spreading banner "Kosovo je Srbija / (is Serbia)" a group of Romanian fans have caused disruption of their team playing against Kosovo that took place on 12 September. Because of this 'incident' the guests have walked away from the pitch in revolt while the referee had no other option but to suspend the game at minute 22. Without any success during the forced break all the home footballers and the announcer were begging with that group to remove the (controversial) banner, and that was done after the police has intervened. After the delay of 45 minutes this match has continued without any problems.
One night earlier 20 visiting spectators, which have bought their tickets on the black market, started a fight on the south stand against their Armenian counterparts in Yerevan during Armenia and Croatia game. Up to now there is no information for those (mysterious) persons nor they have been identified.
And when these plays began (in the fifth round, 07 September) in the sector where there were fans of Croatia was spotted a Ustasha flag when their team played against Latvia at home. Police have arrested three local citizens who now may face a fine from 260 to 1990 euros or face jail term of up to 30 days.
For all three above cases the European football organization has opened an investigation.


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