25 September 2023

Klassieker suspended

The following lines tells a true story about a klassieker (classic) match that was played on Sunday, 24 September at one Northwestern European state where at the end it turned really ugly.
Nothing ever suggested that in the Dutch derby between Ajax and Feyenoord anything could go wrong. It was a peaceful start, the guests were well prepared, fought, gave three goals and then (suddenly) everything went awry in a matter of seconds.
The festivity of this duel was totally interrupted by the Ajax supporters where in their own stadium have made a real mess in the fifty fifth minute. A group of idiotic and dumb fans threw objects and flares on the terrain and like that has put the home club in difficult position where surely now awaits a punishment. During the first half this duel was already suspended twice because of pyrotechnics and a cup that was thrown on the pitch. However, the third time it was not that lucky that this would complete until the end as 10 minutes into the continuation flares were just poured onto the green field from the south F-side stand where home hooligans are situated. With no other option, the referee has definitely called off this duel. The chaos and violence were then transferred outside the arena.


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