02 September 2023

Instead of a previously determined name used another

Launched in August 2022 everyone thought that the African Super league will kick off with 24 high ranked football clubs on the continent exactly one year later. This scenario is still going to be planned for the 2024-25 season, but for 2023 it has a new name and has reduced clubs for more than a half - to only 8. As it was said earlier, this event will not replace the (already famous) African Champions league.
Details of the debut tournament have been announced on Tuesday where the middle word is completely omitted and from now is known as the African football league. All clubs are familiar out of which they come from three parts: North, Central-West and South-East region, and the first ever draw is on 02 September at the Egyptian capital Cairo. In total there will be 14 games where everything starts with quarter-finals, semi-finals and final times two (every club is going to be play on a two legged format, home and away). One year ago it was revealed that Tanzania will host the first ever game of the competition, and that still has not changed as 20 October would commence the show with the opening ceremony. The last two duels are scheduled to be held on 05 and 11 October.


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