29 September 2023

Increased prize money for the annual event

This year at the African team and club events the money was on the rise for the final two participants. Knowing this, last Monday it was announced that the Super Cup event have experienced this increasing as well.
Playing on a neutral place at 15 September between the Champions league and Confederations Cup winners from the 2022-23 season, Union sportive de la Medina d'Alger has lifted the trophy for the first time. Besides the title, the Confederations Cup champion has also received 500.000 dollars (467.420 euros), while the previous winner got 200.000 (193.829 euros). Al Ahly, who was the loosing side of the Super Cup competition, have collected 250.000 dollars (233.710 euros). In comparison, the runner-up for 2022 picked up 125.000 dollars (121.143 euros).


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