04 September 2023

Journey for the biggest event in 2026 begins from next weekend

So far Asia was the first continent for commencing these long qualifiers ahead, but now for this tournament another one will replace it.
With its 90 matches and 18 long rounds, unexpectedly South America is opening the qualifiers for the World Cup 2026, and the same is going to last exactly 2 years (for this region ending is expected to be on September 2025). The first 10 duels are expected to entertain us this month with its two phases.
Because the expansion of the final competition this confederation will send the first six teams from the table, while the seventh would have to participate in the intercontinental play. Ecuador is going to begin this campaign with minus three points as the world football organization has punished the association who gave falsified documents for defender Byron Castillo for elimination duels in Qatar 2022.

Stage 01
08 September, Friday at 00.30 CEt: Paraguay - Peru.
08 September, Friday at 01.00 CEt: Colombia - Venezuela.
08 September, Friday at 02.00 CEt: Argentina - Ecuador.

09 September, Saturday at 01.00 CEt: Uruguay - Chile.
09 September, Saturday at 02.00 CEt: Brazil - Bolivia.


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