24 November 2023

Ball with a lovely name

The European championship is starting next summer, qualifiers are over, almost all teams are known, the mascot was picked long ago, and now on turn was the name of the playing tool.
Adidas, which is the official supplier of the European football organization, together with the same last Wednesday have announced how it will be called the ball that players will use on the event at the hot months of 2024. Because Germany is the host, "Fussballliebe" was the (logical) choice, and this word is translated as "Love towards football". It was presented before the Olympiastadion in Berlin where the final is going to be played.
For the first time on these championships the above two companies are using technology that provides insight into every element of movement and contributes to decision making with the help of the video assistant referee system. Through the black colour the design represents its movement and energy / while red, blue, green and orange bring vibrations of every nation that participates in the tournament.


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