25 November 2023

Youngest and oldest team competitions have find out where their finals will be staged

Next year in United states of America two official tournaments are going to be played.

- On the first part of 2024 a mini competition with only four games will finish the current season of Nations league. The North, Central America and the Caribbean confederation last Monday have revealed where the closing plays would be staged on 21 and 24 March. Semi-finals are going to be played on the first date, while three nights later is the classification game together with the big last duel of the event, and all of them is going to host AT and T stadium in Arlington.
In between, on 23 March, will be staged also the play-in duels or losers from the quarter-finals just to determine the last two teams of the continent that are going to participate in the event written below. Last chance would have four teams or two pairs, and everything is going to decide one match only: playing it completely at Toyota stadium in Frisco.

- And then, in the middle of the year comes the biggest and major competition (of all) -  Copa America 2024. Five days ago the South American confederation has announced some information about the starting duel and the last one. Mercedes-Benz arena in Atlanta would open the tournament at 20 June, while everything is going to complete Hard rock stadium in Miami on 14 July.


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