02 April 2024

Best paid club in the world

This November the Copa Libertadores 2024 edition is going to finish, and from 19 March it was revealed how much money the champion would receive.
Already giving the title the best paid club on one continental tournament, the future winner will earn 23 million dollars (21,1 million euros). Every win in the group phase the clubs would get the reward raised by 10 percent. On a comparison against the victory club from last year, this season the champion is going to receive 5 million dollars (4,6 million euros) more. Viewership for the event is also high for 48 percent.
Rewards at the Copa Sudamericana is also on the rise: from 100,000 to 115,000 dollars (91,863 to 105,643 euros) are the three points worth in the group phase of this competition. This tournament has an incredible number of 450 percent rise in terms of audience.
Since Alejandro Dominguez took the presidency of the South American organization in 2016, the awards from 70 million dollars (66,5 million euros) have grow to a record of 316 million dollars (290,3 million euros) which will be divided in this cycle at both competitions.


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