09 April 2024

Match that lasted only 50 seconds

The two fierce rivals in Turkiye have met yesterday night, but instead of a spectacle, this duel finished in rather bizarre and unexpected way.
First the Super Cup game was moved to another country, in December 2023 at Saudi Arabia for the first time had to play Galatasaray and Fenerbahche, and this happened to be a terrible mistake: the new 'home' officials (without an explanation why) did not allow the two clubs to wear and play in jerseys of the local icon - the creator of modern Turkiye Mustafa Kemal Ataturk. After this scandalous decision it was difficult to find a date when this duel would be played where finally got rescheduled for 07 April.
Because of international duties (and to prepare better for the Conference league quarter final) Fenerbahche wanted from its federation to postpone the match which they denied the request together with their rivals who also did not agree. In response, the club has threatened to play with its youth players and walk off from the final. What was said - that was done: deliberately or not, and literally after the first attack of their opponents, they have received a goal in 50 seconds and its players have left the terrain.


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