23 April 2024

Unusual purchase that happened on stands

Once they were competing with the best clubs in LaLiga, but nowadays are located at Primera federacion (which is equivalent to third tier of the football league system in Spain).
For 17 seasons Malaga have enjoyed top football, while now currently they play at the professional and semi-professional league(s). Because everyone was talking about it in the town, the main story has evolved around its midfielder Daniel Lorenzo who was involved in a rather comical situation. After the match with Atletico Madrid B the 21-year-old player was caught on camera of how from the fan is taking 50 euros in exchange for his shirt.
Last Monday at a television show in connection of this news he explained that "the club charges us for the jerseys, and it seemed natural to keep the money they offered me. I should not have done it, and I hope people understand. I am not a millionaire, but I would like to be".


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